Wolf-Guard Smart Door Lock

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Wolf-Guard Smart doorlock allows you to unnlock your house will make your house smarter and secured!

Our doorlock allows you to unlock your door with fingerprint, passcode, App, ID card, or remotely (to unlock/lock your door remotely, you'll need to buy the version with gateqay included).

You can controll any access to your house. Any try to unlock the door, whether successfull or not, will be shown on your smartphone, in TTLock/Tuya App (G Play / App Store).

You can share your virtual keys, to unlock the door, with friends/family for some time , e.g to feed your pets, or water your plants, while you are out of home.

The doorlock is secure and after laboratory tetsing, there sin't any chance, taht it would be opened by hacker box.

If your battery will run out of energy and your authenticators won't work, there si emergency, manual, opening by security key, that you'll get in the package with the doorlock.

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