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Juicy Blender

Juicy Blender

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Introducing the Juicy Blender - a portable electric juicer that let you enjoy fresh drinks anytime, anywhere! The capacity of 350ml and BPA-free material guarantees you, that the drinks will be allways safe and healthy.

The blender's stainless steel blade allows you to enjoy smooth and delicious drinks in no time. It's wireless charging base provides you a convenient charging method and guarantees that your blender will be allways fully charged and ready to go!

It's waterproof design makes it really easy to clean and maintain. It is mini and portable, so you can take it with you to the office, gym, or even to your bag while traveling. Thanks to it's versatility, It can be used to make fresh fruit juicemilkshake, smoothie, and much more!

Experience the convenience and fresh drinks on-the-go with Juicy Blender, in pink or white. Order now and take your favorite drinks wherever you go!

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