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AutoSqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser

AutoSqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser

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Introducing the AutoSqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser - the ultimate solution for keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free! This innovative device is designed to dispense toothpaste automatically, without the need for any squeezing or mess.

The flexible threaded interface of the AutoSqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser is suitable for toothpaste tubes with a diameter of less than 14mm. During the first installation, the toothpaste should be installed in place to ensure that there are no gaps or air. When using it for the first time, manually squeeze out the air in the toothpaste to ensure proper functionality.

Not only is this dispenser highly convenient, but it's also incredibly hygienic. With its touchless operation, you can rest assured that your toothpaste remains free from any bacteria or germs. And with its sleek and modern design, it will complement any bathroom decor.

So why settle for a messy and unhygienic toothpaste tube when you can have the AutoSqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser? Try it out today and experience the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness!

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