Floating Lamp (with wireless charger)

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Our magnetic floating lamp use advanced top levitation technology - the bulb can float in the air without any connector. With advanced protecting technology, the bulb can be sucked when power off, shake and strong breeze.

The bulb has temperature 2700K and can be lightened by induction technology


Q: What happens if power off?

A: The bulb used two-way drive auto control system, the bulb can be Upward caught once power off

Q: How does the bulb light up?

A: The light bulb can be powered through wireless induction technology.

Q: How does the bulb levitate?

A: Simple but fascinating science, the levitation is the result of electromagnetic forces between the base and the bulb.

Q: Can I float my bulb?

A: No, the bulb is not common bulb, it hide floating magnet and wireless induction modules. this is an application of magnetic levitation display.

Kindly Note: this is a new product that has not yet been mass produced, so it does not support retail order,the max is 100pcs. If you want order more, contact me.

Also please note, that the product has only AU connector. But don't be sad, you can buy adapter (US, EU) on our site as well